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 How Astrology Works: A Theoretical Framework 

by David Cochrane


Astrology has been controversial subject throughout history. Some people believe that astrology provides valuable and helpful information and some people believe it is an ancient superstitious practice.

Among people that believe astrology works, there are many opinions about how and why astrology works. Several believe astrology is an intersection of the mystical and the scientific. Could it be based on fractal sacred geometry?

Decide for yourself.

 Meaning of Sun, Moon and Planets in

 Vibrational Astrology 

by David Cochrane


According to Vibrational Astrology each planet serves a specific purpose and function. For example, Venus shows how we are attracted to beauty. This function is the essential way in which the planet works and the archetypal images of the planets are the way human consciousness responds to these basic functions.

The functions of the Sun, Moon, and planets are:

Sun: Attunes us to the current moment. Shines on a light on the current moment in time; what is. Gives us consciousness and awareness of the current moment.

Moon: Reflects the past into the present as our memories, moods, and instincts.  

Mercury: Makes associations and sees relationships; make comparisons and observations. Venus: The way we are attracted to beauty; what draws us.

Mars: The force to achieve and accomplish, the desire to get something done. 

Jupiter: Expansion and growth, to expand and develop into a larger world.

Saturn: To remove whatever is superficial and unnecessary to get to the core issues. Seeking something of lasting value.

Uranus: To attune to the current instant. To be so concentrated in the moment that one improvises, trusts the moment, and has a sense of the rhythm and flow of life.

Neptune: To feel and experience the magic in life, a sense of wonder and the motivation to pursue one's dreams and visions.

Pluto: A compulsive and obsessive need, an irrational drive, a feeling of being pushed by a tidal wave in some direction.