The Vibrational Astrology Diary, Friday, November 15, 2019
by Linda Berry
Today, Friday (11/15/19), the strongest vibrational influence comes from Mars joining with Neptune and Pluto (1*). This vibrational pattern is about passionate action to express something special and share it with others.  It is like you have dreams or visions about life and you are seeking to act on those dreams.  There is a strong need here to penetrate down to a special awareness or insight that lights up your understanding.  Today you may have a deeper awareness or understanding burst into your mind.  Be sure to keep your notebook handy so that you can right down your realization(s).  They will be a little bit like a dream state and if you don’t write it down, you may forget it.

The AstroFrequency(s) for the day (strongest listed first)
{These are modes of operation that are especially available for you to tap into today}
13 (1*) Need to operate in special ways and develop a special sense of things
21 (1*) Restraint and Simplicity, Harmonious internal focus
29 (1*) Transformation through immersion in new and different patterns or lifestyles

The Dancing Two-Planet Diary
{When 2 planets interact it influences the way we want to express ourselves, our attitudes, moods, and impulses.  Becoming aware of these vibrations helps us to guide these aspects of ourselves with awareness rather than being controlled by them.  There are longer patterns which tend to have more impact because we feel them for several days in a row and there are quick Moon patterns that impact our moods and feelings for a window of couple of hours either side of the time given.  The longer patterns are stronger and so are listed first, followed by the Moods of the Moon}

Nov 13 - Nov 15 (exact Nov 14) Venus in Sagittarius is acting and agitating (square) with Neptune in Pisces. This vibe is decreasing fading out around 7 AM.  This vibration challenges us to evaluate our dreams and find ways to act to bring them into our lives working of shifting our lives to truly express who we are and what we wish to be doing.
Oct 28 – Nov 19 (exact Nov 8) Saturn in Capricorn is sharing freely (sextile) with Neptune in Pisces. This vibe is decreasing fading out around 8 PM on November 19.  This vibration brings a sense of a spiritual reality beyond time and space and makes it easier to open up to and flow with the energies of that realm.
The Moods of the Moon
{Remember that the quick Moon patterns impact our moods and feelings for a window of a couple of hours either side of their peak time.}

Starting at 2:24 AM, peaking at 4:24 AM, the Moon in Gemini is opposing Jupiter in Sagittarius. This 4 hr period tends to be about emotional patterns that may interfere with growth and expansion.  You may get some awareness into what those patterns might be and be able to release some part of them.

Starting at 4:40 AM, peaking at 6:40 AM, the Moon in Gemini is flowing freely (trine) with Mars in Libra. This 4 hr period is active and energetic.  This is a good time to go for a walk, exercise, engage in an active sport, or work on a physical project.
Starting at 4:16 PM, peaking at 6:16 PM, the Moon in Cancer is sharing freely (sextile) with Uranus in Taurus. This 4 hr period is about wanting to express spontaneously and impulsively.  Give yourself the freedom to do whatever comes to your mind as long as it doesn’t hurt others or yourself.
At 11:15 AM the Moon enters Cancer, staying for 2 ½ days and shifting your emotional focus to close interactions with those that you consider to be family and to expanding your family group.  You want to have harmonious interactions with those you love.

The Cyclic Patterns Diary
{These are patterns that continue over an extended period of time and you may find that rereading this periodically will help you effectively handle what we are all experiencing as our “astral weather” in this time period.}

The Full Moon was on November 12 with the Sun in Scorpio and the Moon in Taurus. This vibrational pattern will be influencing us until the next New Moon on November 26. This vibration brings a great deal of creativity and the capability of staying focused on what is important to you.  The Sabian Symbol for the Sun is “A woman drawing two dark curtains aside” which reminds us of the importance of facing the polarity within ourselves with both positive and negative reasons for our actions so that we do not subconsciously express the darkness within us without even realizing it.  The Moon Symbol is “Wind, clouds and haste” which calls us to be open to and flexible enough to grasp the many changes both within us and around us releasing a sense of internal rigidity that can distort your perceptions of what you are experiencing.
The New Moon was on October 27 with the Sun and Moon in Scorpio.  This pattern will be influencing us until the next New Moon on November 26. The major influence on this New Moon is Uranus which is likely to bring unexpected things. There will be a tendency towards spontaneous even impulsive actions and an intense need for the freedom to express yourself. This can bring unexpected results sometimes including accidents so look before you leap. The Sabian Symbol for the New Moon is ‘A massive, rocky shore” that an old established pattern is keeping you or someone you know from growing and expanding your awareness.  You will probably find that it will only respond to love and compassion as you become open to the possibility of change.  The challenge is for you release your sense of loss and grief and open up to embracing greater awareness and possible transcendence.
The Fall Equinox occurred on September 23.  This is when the Sun enters Libra and the days and nights are of equal length  This pattern influences us for 3 months until the Winter Solstice on December 21.  The Fall is likely to be a time of analysis and evaluation with the truth and long term reality of your experiences being tested.  You may well see or hear of things that are dishonest or deceptive and you will clearly recognize them or have someone reveal to you the deceptions that have happened.  You are strongly oriented towards understanding the true things that have been happening and eliminating anything else. The Sabian Symbol that helps us deal with all this is “A man before a square with a manuscript scroll before him”.  This is about seeing a pattern in front of you that you seek to understand.  Open your intuition, look at the history and the past patterns that lead up to the present.  It is important to see the long term patterns and to consult older sources of information to see the deeper truth that is currently being revealed.
This Eclipse Cycle began on July 2 and lasts until December 26.  This period is about evaluation and consideration of the meaning of your life and your actions and how you want the rest of your life to go. There is a calling for you to open up to a greater awareness and learn to assume responsibility for using that awareness wisely with humility while operating fairly and being real and genuine. This is done by stepping back and getting the objectivity that will enable you to move more effectively towards your dreams recognizing that sometimes the reactions of others to you come from their problems and issues rather than from your actions.  This is about acting from your true self rather than using a façade to cover up who you really are.
The Retrograde Diary: Check out changes today:    DEGREE CHANGES: Mercury
Reworking Patterns of Mercury, Uranus: Turning Forward of Neptune: Final Resolution of Saturn, Pluto
{During the apparent retrograde period each planet’s movement relative to the backdrop of the stars slows down, reverses and then turns back around forward again concentrating its vibration in a particular area. There are issues that each planet focuses on during the period leading up to its turn backwards.  These issues are addressed again to be reworked on during the retrograde period [in brackets] then a new understanding of these issues occurs during the post retrograde period.  These issues are not from Vibrational Astrology, this is an experiment based on interpretations of the Sabian Symbols that I wrote many years ago.  If an entry resonates with you, then claim it, if not, release it, it was for someone else.  I would very much like your feedback on this.}
!!!Mercury Rx {Oct 12, 2019 [Oct 31 – !Nov 11! – Nov 20] Dec 7} 11 – 27 Scorpio
Nov. 15 - 16:  (14-13 Sco) Reworking:  Working on being able to establish new and more extensive connections between different aspects of yourself and higher more universal awarenesses, learning to cease getting your communication lines all tangled up so you have trouble separating the truly important information from distorted awarenesses mixed in with it [Telephone linemen at work]
Saturn {Jan 22, 2019 [Apr 29 – !Jul 9! – Sep 18] Dec 24} 13 – 20 Capricorn
Nov. 8 - 20:  (16-17 Cap) Resolution:  Remember to remove yourself from the control or power of others and covertly opening yourself to greater contact with all that is around you, learning to cease suppressing your natural instincts based on fear of the reactions of others [A girl surreptitiously bathing in the nude]
Uranus Rx {Apr. 25, 2019 [Aug. 11 – !Oct 28! – Jan. 10, 2020] Apr. 26, 2020} 2 – 6  Taurus
Nov. 12 - Dec. 13, 2019:  (4-3 Tau) Reworking:  Working on being able to open up, reaching out to embrace the spiritual vision that calls you; following the path of greater awareness, learning to cease allowing personal addictions and self-centered preoccupation to close you off to connection with a greater awareness [The rainbow's pot of gold]
Neptune Rx {Mar. 1, 2019 [June 21 – !Sep 10! – Nov. 27] Mar. 17, 2020} 15 – 18 Pisces
Nov. 11 - Dec. 13, 2019:  (16-15 Pis) Turning Forward:  The Challenge is to connect into the flow of spiritual inspiration within yourself, being flexible and open to that which you have not previously known or experienced, learning to cease closing up and being caught in a cycle of negativity that limits your perceptions and shuts you off from others [The flow of inspiration]
Pluto {Jan 1, 2019 [Apr. 24 – !Jun 14! – Oct 2] Jan. 23, 2020} 20 – 23 Capricorn
Nov. 10 - Dec. 19, 2019:  (21-22 Cap) Resolution:  Remember to gracefully accept that you have been defeated in your attempts to reach your goal, learning the lessons of your experiences, revising your goals appropriately, transforming setbacks into accomplishments, learning to cease focusing on your losses and limitations, taking your losses as a reflection of your lack of worth and ability, and surrendering when you could have prevailed or refusing to acknowledge any limitations or issues of your own and turning a minor defeat into a major disaster [A general accepting defeat gracefully]
Next Cycle:
Mercury {Feb 2, 2020 [Feb 16 – !Feb 25! – Mar 9] Mar 30} 28 Aquarius – 12 Pisces
Venus {Apr 8, 2020 [May 13 – !Jun 3! – Jun 25] Jul 29, 2020} 5 – 21 Gemini
Mars {Jul 25, 2020 [Sept 20 – !Oct 13! – Nov 13] Jan 3, 2021} 15 – 28 Aries
Jupiter {Feb 18, 2020 [May 14 – !Jul 14! – Sep 12] Dec 6, 2021} 17 – 27 Capricorn
Saturn {Feb 3, 2020 [May 11 – !Jul 20! – Sep 18] Jan 3, 2021} 25 Capricorn – 1 Aquarius
Uranus {Apr. 28, 2020 [Aug 15 – !Oct 31! – Jan 14, 2021] May 1, 2021} 6 – 10 Taurus
Neptune {Mar. 2, 2020 [June 22 – !Sep 11! – Nov. 28] Mar. 19, 2020} 15 – 18 Pisces
Pluto {Jan 4, 2020 [Apr. 25 – !Jul 15! – Oct 4] Jan. 25, 2021} 22 – 24 Capricorn

All times are given in Eastern USA time zone.

Linda Berry

Everything in a report will not apply to everyone as this is a general prediction and impacts different people's charts in different ways.

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