The Vibrational Astrology Diary, Sunday, May 26, 2019
by Linda Berry
The Third Quarter Moon is at 12:33 PM today, Sunday
Today (5/26/19) the strongest vibrational influence comes from Mercury and Venus joining with Neptune and Pluto (1*).   This vibe brings a focus on thinking about beautiful things.  This could include poetry and beautiful literature that touches your heart.  It could also include movies that are especially beautifully done.  There is a desire to connect in with life in a special way and participate in something that transcends your everyday experience.  If you can be open to it, something special could happen today.  Be sure to have your notebook with you as this is a day when some beautiful ideas may take form n your mind and you need to write them down so that you remember them.
The AstroFrequency(s) for the day (strongest listed first)
13 (5*) Need to operate in special ways or do special things
26 (3*) Need to be special or do special things with others

The Dancing Two-Planet Diary
{When 2 planets interact it influences the way we want to express ourselves, our attitudes, moods, and impulses.  Becoming aware of these vibrations helps us to guide these aspects of ourselves with awareness rather than being controlled by them.  There are longer patterns which tend to have more impact because we feel them for several days in a row and there are quick Moon patterns that impact our moods and feelings for a window of couple of hours either side of the time given.  The longer patterns are stronger and so are listed first, followed by the Moods of the Moon}
The only two planet pattern today are described below in the Moon Diary.
The Moods of the Moon
{Remember that the quick Moon patterns that impact our moods and feelings for a window of a couple of hours either side of their listed time.}
At 2:07 AM the Moon enters Pisces bringing a sense of the connections we all have with each other and with everything around us.  A Pisces moon is very good at connection things together that don’t look like they belong together, so use this 2 ½ days to reach out and connect with those that you thought you could never establish a relationship with, right now it might work.
Starting at 9:01 AM, peaking at 11:01 AM, the Moon in Pisces is sharing freely (sextile) with Uranus in Taurus.  This 4 hr period brings impulsiveness and spontaneity.  There is a desire for the freedom to do what you feel like when you feel like it and an inability to tolerate restriction.

At 12:33 PM today, the Moon in Pisces is acting and agitating (square) with the Sun in Gemini.  This is the Third Quarter Moon.  See the Cyclic Patterns Diary below for information on it.

Starting at 2:06 PM, peaking at 4:06 PM, the Moon in Pisces is flowing freely (trine) with Mars in Cancer.  This 4 hr period is high energy and you can get a lot done if you focus yourself on a project.  Physical projects that expend energy are better than sedentary projects.  This is a time to be active.

The Cyclic Patterns Diary
{These are patterns that continue over an extended period of time and you may find that rereading this periodically will help you effectively handle what we are all experiencing as our “astral weather” in this time period.}

The Third Quarter Moon is at 12:33 PM today with the Moon in Pisces and the Sun in Gemini.  This Moon Phase lasts a week and it brings a strong emphasis on acting in ways that will be remembered for many years.  What will be the impact of your actions in 50 or 100 years?  There is a sense of something special and significant that needs to be dealt with this week.  The Sabian Symbol for the Sun is “Drilling for Oil” which focuses on looking deep within you and going deeply into whatever problems or issues you are dealing with.  There may be something valuable to be found if you go deep enough  The Symbol for the Moon is “Officers on dress parade” which focuses on order and discipline where you are keeping the more disreputable aspects of situations under control.  Thus you need to watch out for traps and disruptions as you move into deeper levels of awareness this week.
The Full Moon occurred on May 18 with the Moon in Scorpio opposing the Sun in Taurus.  The emphasis at this full moon is on balancing our mind and our feelings, respecting the differing kinds of information each gives us and integrating them together to form something special.  There is a sense of mission and purpose that is ignited at this time.  The Sabian Symbol for the Sun is “A woman pursued by mature romance”.  This is about getting a greater awareness of our connections to others, love that transcends social expectations.  The Moon Symbol is “The king of the fairies approaching his domain.”  This symbol speaks to us of understanding each of us our true essence, claiming the truth about ourselves and living by it so that we may each be in command of ourselves.  There is a warning to not be bound by social expectations and to focus on controlling ourselves not others.  Some may be insecure through being out of touch with the core within them and thus seek to control others to try to prove their superiority.

The New Moon was on May 4 with the Sun and Moon together in Taurus.  This cycle will influence us until the next New Moon on June 3.  The vibe in this new moon is oriented towards deep analysis of the patterns around you evaluating what is stimulating the choices all of us are making.  There is a sense of going down deep inside to figure out what you really think and believe.  The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon is “A man muffled up with a rakish silk hat”.  The challenge this symbol presents is whether you are going to use your awareness and your skills to take care of yourself presenting yourself in a real way or whether you are going to disguise yourself and pretend to be something you are not and put the responsibility for yourself and your actions on someone or something else.
On March 20 the Sun officially entered Aries and Spring began.  This is the Spring Equinox when the days and nights are of equal length.  We are moving into the Spring and Summer when the days will be longer than the nights.  This Spring Equinox happens just 4 hours before the Full Moon.  This would indicate that some important things are going to come to a head this Spring.  There is a focus here on our dreams and whether or not they are moving into reality.  Internal thought patterns that others may not expect are driving our actions.   The Sabian Symbol for the Moon is “A bald-headed man”.  This spring people will be focused on whether the actions of those in control are based on concern for everyone involved or whether those in control are misusing their powers, not taking into account the concerns of the people affected.
The Eclipse pattern for the next 5 months focuses on how we use our power and whether our actions are sustainable.  We are reminded that there are different perspectives on the truth and we need to reach down to a deeper level that brings a truer, clearer awareness.  The dangers of an over inflated ego are especially focused with a reminder of the importance of stepping back for each situation and looking at what is really important.  The next eclipse cycle will begin on July 2, 2019.
The Retrograde Diary:

Introductory Contact for Uranus: Turning Backward of Neptune: Reworking Patterns of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto
{During the apparent retrograde period each planet’s movement relative to the backdrop of the stars slows down, reverses and then turns back around forward again concentrating its vibration in a particular area. There are issues that each planet focuses on during the period leading up to its turn backwards.  These issues are addressed again to be reworked on during the retrograde period [in brackets] then a new understanding of these issues occurs during the post retrograde period.  These issues are not from Vibrational Astrology, this is an experiment based on interpretations of the Sabian Symbols that I wrote many years ago.  If an entry resonates with you, then claim it, if not, release it, it was for someone else.  I would very much like your feedback on this.}

Jupiter Rx {Jan 12, 2019 [Apr 10 – !Jun 11! – Aug 11] Nov 5} 14 - 24 Sagittarius
May 20 - 29:  (22-21 Sag) Reworking:  Working on being able to work long and hard to cleanse your perception, removing whatever stains or dirties your motives and behaviors whether your work is respected by others or not, learning to stop feeling trapped and inferior failing to appreciate your own worth and judging yourself and others based on artificial, social standards

Saturn Rx {Jan 22, 2019 [Apr 29 – !Jul 9! – Sep 18] Dec 24} 13 – 20 Capricorn
May 25 - June 13:  (20-19 Cap) Reworking:  Working on being able to be guided by hidden messages that may not be apparent to others that attune you to the spiritual realms, learning to stop fooling yourself and others as you rationalize your personal beliefs and attitudes as being divine messages that make you special and better than those around you

Uranus {Apr. 25, 2019 [Aug. 11 – !Oct 28! – Jan. 10, 2020] Apr. 26, 2020} 2 – 6  Taurus
May 18 - June 7:  (4-5 Tau) Introductory:  Are you able to recognize that there is a greater life that we each live that transcends this realm of time and space where you remain connected even beyond death and that rebirth is possible, learning to stop being caught up in a raw sense of loss and grief and blocking your awareness of the oneness and harmony of the spiritual realm

Neptune {Mar. 1, 2019 [June 21 – Nov. 27] Mar. 17, 2020} 15 – 18 Pisces
Apr. 29 - Aug. 14:  (18-19 Pis) Turning Back:  The Issue is to participate in the transfer of higher knowledge and wisdom recognizing that the knowledge needs to be separated from the person who is providing it, learning to stop claiming superior status and privileges based on your position and dogmatically insisting on your superior achievements and authority

Pluto Rx {Jan 1, 2019 [Apr. 24 – !Jun 14! – Oct 2] Jan. 23, 2020} 20 – 23 Capricorn
May 19 - July 10:  (23-22 Cap) Reworking:  Working on being able to receive recognition for having continued to work and struggle towards your goal surpassing all odds even defeats, learning to stop strutting around seeking praise and acknowledgement for your actions overvaluing yourself and seeking to manipulate others to gain rewards that you may not deserve

Next Cycle:
Mercury {Jun 20, 2019 [Jul 7 – !Jul 21! – Aug 1] Aug 15} 23 Cancer – 4 Leo

Venus {Apr 8, 2020 [May 13 – !Jun 3! – Jun 25] Jul 29, 2020} 5 – 21 Gemini
Mars {Jul 25, 2020 [Sept 20 – !Oct 13! – Nov 13] Jan 3, 2021} 15 – 28 Aries
Saturn {Feb 3, 2020 [May 11 – !Jul 20! – Sep 18] Jan 3, 2021} 25 Capricorn – 1 Aquarius
Uranus {Apr. 28, 2020 [Aug 15 – !Oct 31! – Jan 14, 2021] May 1, 2021} 6 – 10 Taurus
Neptune {Mar. 2, 2020 [June 22 – !Sep 11! – Nov. 28] Mar 19, 2020} 15 – 18 Pisces
Pluto {Jan 4, 2020 [Apr. 25 – !Jul 15! – Oct 4] Jan. 25, 2021} 22 – 24 Capricorn
All times are given in Eastern USA time zone.
Linda Berry

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