The Vibrational Astrology Diary, Wednesday, January 22, 2020
by Linda Berry
Today, Wednesday (1/22/20), the strongest vibrational influence comes from the Sun joining with Uranus and Neptune (1*). This vibration is focused on a sense of vision and intense sudden awareness that you take action on.  There is a tendency to be impulsive or spontaneous seeking to manifest the vision you have of what life can be like.  You are not entirely in the material world in this aspect, rather you are out in a world where your visions are real and you can take actions based on that sense.  Take care to keep a bit of awareness of the “real” world as a frame of reference.  It will help your actions to be more effective.

The AstroFrequency(s) for the day (strongest listed first)
{These are modes of operation that are especially available for you to tap into today}
1 (1*) Doing things your own way, evaluating the ideas of others and only changing if you agree with them.
18 (1*) Union with others in a community, focus with others on the needs of the community
13 (1*) Need to operate in special ways and develop a special sense of things

The Dancing Two-Planet Diary
{When 2 planets interact it influences the way we want to express ourselves, our attitudes, moods, and impulses.  Becoming aware of these vibrations helps us to guide these aspects of ourselves with awareness rather than being controlled by them.  There are longer patterns which tend to have more impact because we feel them for several days in a row and there are quick Moon patterns that impact our moods and feelings for a window of couple of hours either side of the time given.  The longer patterns are stronger and so are listed first, followed by the Moods of the Moon}
Jan 22 - Jan 24 (exact Jan 23) Venus in Pisces is sharing freely (sextile) with Jupiter in Capricorn. This vibe begins to influence us around 8 AM and is increasing in influence until it peaks at 8:07 AM on January 23 then decreasing fading out around 9 AM on January 24. This vibe is very nice. It is about socializing in beautiful settings.  There is a sense of expansiveness and optimism that is delightful. This is a great time to share with friends and family.
Jan 22 - Jan 24 (exact Jan 23) the Sun in Aquarius is acting and agitating (square) with Uranus in Taurus. This vibe begins to influence us around 3 AM and is increasing in influence until it peaks at 1:54 AM on January 23 then decreasing fading out around 2 AM on January 24. This vibe is impulsive and spontaneous and not good at being aware of the consequences of your actions.  If you get lost in this sense of spontaneity and freedom, you can misjudge and not see the issues around you potentially run into trouble.  So be very aware!
Dec 31, 2019 - Jan 24, 2020 (exact Jan 12) Saturn in Capricorn is joining with Pluto in Capricorn. This vibe is decreasing fading out around 6 AM on January 24. This vibration is the strongest pattern at this turn of the year.  It is about sensing what is of long term importance and acting purposefully and objectively with an awareness of the long term consequences  of your actions.  This is a time to let trivial feelings and issues go as you focus on what is really significant.
The Moods of the Moon
{Remember that the quick Moon patterns impact our moods and feelings for a window of a couple of hours either side of their peak time.}
At 12:00 AM the Moon enters Capricorn and you may find yourself less emotional and more objective than at other times.  If you realize that this is the point in the Moon’s cycle when objective evaluation is appropriate, then you can use this time to review the last month and see what you have learned and what you need to work on.
Starting at 3:00 AM, peaking at 5:00 AM, the Moon in Capricorn is flowing freely (trine) with Uranus in Taurus. This 4 hr period is a time when you need to feel free and do your own thing.  Be sure to use your current ability to step back and be aware of what you are doing to see any dangers involved and avoid them.
Starting at 6:52 PM, peaking at 8:52 PM, the Moon in Capricorn is sharing freely (sextile) with Venus in Pisces. This 4 hr period is about feeling love and desiring to do something that feels good.  This is a great time to share with friends and loved ones.
Starting at 7:45 PM, peaking at 9:45 PM, the Moon in Capricorn is joining with Jupiter in Capricorn. This 4 hr period feels expansive and optimistic, this is a very nice feeling and is good for socializing.  This is not a good time to make serious commitments as you may tend to be overly optimistic.
The Cyclic Patterns Diary
{These are patterns that continue over an extended period of time and you may find that rereading this periodically will help you effectively handle what we are all experiencing as our “astral weather” in this time period.}
On January 17, the Third Quarter Moon occurred with the Sun in Capricorn and the Moon in Libra. This next week will be influenced by this vibration until the New Moon on January 24.  There is a sense here of skepticism and a recognition that we don’t have all the answers and probably will never know all the answers.  However it is important to keep hunting for as many answers as we can possibly get.  The Sabian Symbol for the Sun is “A mountain pilgrimage” which has to do with expanding your awareness of yourself and the world with humility, not seeing yourself as better than others.  The Moon Symbol is “An airplane hovering overhead”.  This helps us to operate from an objective perspective where we can better see the patterns of consequences and relationships around us and translate that into practical everyday realities.  There is a potential here for seeking to escape the reality and the consequences of your personal situation which could result in those realities crashing into you so that you cannot avoid them.

On January 10, a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse occurred with the Sun in Capricorn and the Moon in Cancer.  This is an extremely powerful vibration with a strong need for mental evaluation and analysis of the long-term consequences of the actions we are taking right now. The Sabian Symbol for the Sun is “A relay race” which reminds us that it is important to ally ourselves with others in order to accomplish our goals.  That you will likely be defeated it you refuse to work with other people being unable to trust anything beyond yourself. The Moon Symbol is “A prima donna singing” which on a positive level involves unselfconsciously displaying yourself expressing your gifts with humility and delight.  The challenge is to not come from a place of entitlement and self inflation.
On December 26, a New Moon Solar Eclipse occurred with the Sun and Moon joined in Capricorn. This vibration will influence us until the next Eclipse Season which begins on July 2, 2020. We start a new Eclipse Season with this New Moon as the Sun and Moon are joined by Jupiter (see the discussion at the beginning of this report.) The Sabian Symbol for the Sun and Moon is “Indians rowing a canoe and dancing a war dance”.  This is about mobilizing the resources of yourself and your group to stand up for your principles and being willing to deal with or use focused assertive/aggressive energy if necessary to reach your goal.  There is a warning that if you engage in threats and arguments and bickering, it will keep you from reaching your goals. This is combined with Jupiter which is just one degree from the Sun and Moon. Jupiter’s Sabian Symbol is “A dark archway and ten logs at the bottom” which involves growing through facing previous actions and beliefs that have blocked and transforming those blockages into bridges that open you up to new understanding allowing you to transcend your previous blockages.
The Winter Solstice was on December 21 as the Sun entered Capricorn.  This is the shortest day and longest night of the year as the Sun turns in its orbit to start increasing its light shining upon us. This winter season brings a great potential for creativity and sensitivity.  There is also a sense of restlessness and dissatisfaction with what is happening in your life and around you.  The challenge is to use your creativity to make your world and your life better. You are encouraged this winter to open up to your ties to the universal awareness that is at the heart of all things and experience an exaltation and consummation that transcends ambition letting of your focus on yourself that brings a tendency to overestimate your personal powers and abilities resulting in damage to yourself. For the winter there is a focus on the Sabian Symbol “Dental Work” which can help you to return your structure to its proper functional form as you rebuild your internal pattern.
The Retrograde Diary:
Introductory Contact for Pluto New Cycle: Turning Forward of Uranus: Final Resolution of Neptune, Pluto
{During the apparent retrograde period each planet’s movement relative to the backdrop of the stars slows down, reverses and then turns back around forward again concentrating its vibration in a particular area. There are issues that each planet focuses on during the period leading up to its turn backwards.  These issues are addressed again to be reworked on during the retrograde period [in brackets] then a new understanding of these issues occurs during the post retrograde period.  These issues are not from Vibrational Astrology, this is an experiment based on interpretations of the Sabian Symbols that I wrote many years ago.  If an entry resonates with you, then claim it, if not, release it, it was for someone else.  I would very much like your feedback on this.}
Uranus {Apr. 25, 2019 [Aug. 11 – !Oct 28! – Jan. 10, 2020] Apr. 26, 2020} 2 – 6 Taurus
Dec. 13, 2019 - Feb. 8, 2020:  (3-2 Tau) Turning Forward:  The Challenge is to move up a natural set of steps, learning and growing and opening yourself to the experience of wonder and beauty, learning to cease getting fascinated by your vision and caught in that fantasy; failing to do the work to climb the steps and experience the reality  [Steps up to a lawn blooming with clover]

Neptune {Mar. 1, 2019 [June 21 – !Sep 10! – Nov. 27] Mar. 17, 2020} 15 – 18 Pisces
Dec. 13, 2019 -  Jan. 29, 2020:  (16-17 Pis) Resolution:  Remember to enter into the process of transformative rebirth, experiencing a renewed faith in life that is triumphing over doubt, fear and loss, learning to cease putting on a show, driven by a superficial craving for attention, pretending to joy while feeling lost and guilty and inadequate within yourself [An Easter promenade]
New Cycle: Pluto {Jan 2, 2020 [Apr. 25 – !Jul 15! – Oct 4] Jan. 25, 2021} 22 – 24 Capricorn
Old Cycle: Pluto {Jan 1, 2019 [Apr. 24 – !Jun 14! – Oct 2] Jan. 23, 2020} 20 – 23 Capricorn

Jan. 19 - Feb. 20:  (23-24 Cap) Introductory:  Are you able to retreat from the world to form a deeper more effective connection to spirit, sacrificing your personal needs to be of service to others, learning to cease neglecting yourself and hiding away, perhaps sacrificing yourself, in order to win sympathy from others, forgetting how to enjoy life [A woman entering a convent]

Next Cycle:
Mercury {Feb 2, 2020 [Feb 16 – !Feb 25! – Mar 9] Mar 30} 28 Aquarius – 12 Pisces
Venus {Apr 8, 2020 [May 13 – !Jun 3! – Jun 25] Jul 29, 2020} 5 – 21 Gemini
Mars {Jul 25, 2020 [Sept 20 – !Oct 13! – Nov 13] Jan 3, 2021} 15 – 28 Aries
Jupiter {Feb 18, 2020 [May 14 – !Jul 14! – Sep 12] Dec 6, 2021} 17 – 27 Capricorn
Saturn {Feb 3, 2020 [May 11 – !Jul 20! – Sep 18] Jan 3, 2021} 25 Capricorn – 1 Aquarius
Uranus {Apr. 28, 2020 [Aug 15 – !Oct 31! – Jan 14, 2021] May 1, 2021} 6 – 10 Taurus
Neptune {Mar. 2, 2020 [June 22 – !Sep 11! – Nov. 28] Mar. 19, 2020} 15 – 18 Pisces
Pluto {Jan 4, 2021 [Apr. 27 – !Jul 18! – Oct 6] Jan. 27, 2022} 24 – 26 Capricorn

All times are given in Eastern USA time zone.

Everything in a report will not apply to everyone as this is a general prediction and impacts different people's charts in different ways.

I would appreciate feedback on what in the report especially matched your experience, if some of it did.


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