Sunday, January 27, 2019

Today (1/27/19) the strongest vibrational influence comes from the Sun joining with Mercury and Mars (0*).  This vibration focuses on learning.  This is a great time for you to learn something new as there is lots of energy focused on your mind and mental activities.  Furthermore this is very creative energy that you can share with others.  Thus personal or group creative projects will be especially energized, especially projects that involve communication either verbal or written.  So whatever your field, take some time today to open up to the creative energies flowing through you and let yourself and your projects unfold in an organic way like the plants do.


The AstroFrequency(s) for the day (strongest listed first)

31 (1*) Embracing the mystery that we cannot know and thus skeptical of the answers given to life’s questions

16 (1*) Action from internal thought patterns


The Dancing Two-Planet Diary

{When 2 planets interact it influences the way we want to express ourselves, our attitudes, moods, and impulses.  Becoming aware of these vibrations helps us to guide these aspects of ourselves with awareness rather than being controlled by them.  There are longer patterns which tend to have more impact because we feel them for several days in a row and there are quick Moon patterns that impact our moods and feelings for a window of couple of hours either side of the time given.  The longer patterns are stronger and so are listed first, followed by the Moods of the Moon}


Jan 23 – Jan 27 (exact Jan 25) Mars in Aries is flowing freely (trine) with Jupiter in Sagittarius.  This vibration is slowly decreases until it faces out at about 1 PM today.  This vibe brings the energy and the capacity to take big actions that will impact a lot of people around you.  There is some impetus here to reach out and explore the world or to explore the inner world in your mind.


Jan 19 – Feb 9 (exact Jan 31) Saturn in Capricorn is sharing freely (sextile) with Neptune in Pisces. This vibration is increasing in influence very slowly moving toward its peak on Jan 31.  This vibration will be an underlying base note for the next few weeks. This is about wanting to know the truth that underlies the many illusions and deceptions that are a part of the world.  There is a strong desire to see the deeper reality that lies below the appearances of the world.  This almost takes on the sense of being a spiritual quest.


The Moods of the Moon

{Remember that the quick Moon patterns that impact our moods and feelings for a window of a couple of hours either side of their listed time.}

Starting at 10:21 PM yesterday, peaking at 12:21 AM, the Moon in Libra is opposing Uranus in Aries.  This 4 hr period brings a lot of spontaneous impulsive emotional behavior.  Give yourself the freedom to do what comes to you on the spur of the moment.


At 2:31 AM the Moon enters Scorpio For the next 2 ½ days the Moon in Scorpio can tend to get very emotionally intense.  The desire is to merge with the people you are involved with and with the projects you are working on.  This can be uncomfortable for those not used to it as you can feel like you are being swallowed up.  If it gets too much, just step back for a couple of minutes and take a breath, or even take a walk around the block to help you temporarily disconnect.


Starting at 10:59 AM, peaking at 12:59 PM, the Moon in Scorpio is acting and agitating (square) with Mercury in Aquarius.  This 4 hr period has the mind and the emotions joining to form actions.  You just need to reconcile any differences between your feelings and your mental evaluation of the situation in order to be truly effective.

Starting at 2:10 PM, peaking at 4:10 PM, the Moon in Scorpio is acting and agitating (square) with the Sun in Aquarius.  This is the Third Quarter Moon and is discussed in the Cyclic Patterns Diary below.


The Cyclic Patterns Diary

{These are patterns that continue over an extended period of time and you may find that rereading this periodically will help you effectively handle what we are all experiencing as our “astral weather” in this time period.}

At 4:10 PM the Third Quarter Moon occurs when the Moon in Scorpio and the Sun in Aquarius are 90 degrees from each other.  This is a time that is ideally suited to figuring out what has long term meaning and then acting on that awareness.  The Sabian Symbol for the Sun is “Beautifully gowned wax figures”.  This can be understood as seeing the true values that underlie our experiences rather than being caught in an empty, emotionless façade that lacks depth and integrity.  The Moon’s Sabian Symbol is “The moon shining across a lake” which involves opening up to spiritual awareness that reaches deep within us and around us to light up the chaos and let us see the ordered pattern beneath that is a reflection of the universal order.


On Jan 21 the Moon in Leo opposed the Sun in Aquarius bringing us the Full Moon and a Lunar Eclipse.  This Full Moon Eclipse focuses on our dreams and how we can bring them to life.  There is a lot of potential here to take action on our dreams.  The Sabian Symbol for the Sun is “An old adobe mission” which reminds us that there are varying perspectives on the truth and that we are challenged to seek a deeper understanding that encompasses these various perspectives rather than dogmatically insisting on our way as the only way to go.  The Sabian Symbol for the Moon is “A case of apoplexy”.  This recognizes the dangers in an over-inflated ego where you can get overwhelmed if you get too caught up in the feelings swirling within you.  You need to pull back a little bit and give yourself some space to evaluate what is really going on rather than being controlled by your feelings.


On Jan 14 the First Quarter Moon occurred with the Sun in Capricorn and the Moon in Aries.  This is about an awareness deep within you almost below consciousness rising up to consciousness with a sense of what you need to do at this time.  The Sabian Symbol for the Sun is “A woman entering a convent”.  This is about the importance of forming a deeper more effective connection to spirit in order to be of service to others.  The Moon Symbol is “An open window and a net curtain blowing into a cornucopia”.  This brings the promise that as you open to the spirit and follow the path that it shows you, the things you need will come to you.  If you refuse to open up and reject what is being offered to you you may end up living in a state of deprivation and loss.


On Jan 5 we started a new Eclipse Cycle as well as a New Moon cycle.  This New Moon is a partial Solar Eclipse with the Sun and the Moon joining together in the middle of Capricorn. This eclipse heralds a time when we especially look at how we are using power and how our government officials and other power sources are using or abusing their power.  We have the opportunity here to claim our power if we are willing to.  This eclipse will be influencing us for this eclipse cycle which lasts until July 2.  The core energy of this eclipse is focused on which patterns are sustainable and meaningful in the long term with a recognition that we must get rid of patterns that are not sustainable.  There is a very strong creative energy in this eclipse.  Thus, some new ways of operating and perhaps new inventions are likely during this time period.  There is also a strong sense of the specialness and importance of everyone.  The Sabian Symbol for this eclipse is “Boys and girls in gymnasium suits”.  This is about developing your skill and power within a structured group through group interaction and respect for everyone without showing off and looking down on those who know less than you do.  Getting into a group where you can learn with others would be very effective at this time.


On Dec 21, 2018, the Sun entered Capricorn.  This is the Winter Solstice and the official beginning of Winter.  This pattern will be influencing us until the Spring Equinox on Mar 20, 2019.  The theme of the Winter is to step back and look at the big picture while working with others in shared interchanges.  The Sabian Symbol for the Moon is “A large archaic volume”.  This is about looking at ancient beliefs and patterns and evaluating their effectiveness and relevance for today, then proceeding to change or release patterns that no longer work.  It warns about the dangers getting caught in traditional patterns and viewing them as rules failing to understand their purpose in the past and how that may fit or not fit in today’s world.


The Retrograde Diary:

Introductory Contact for Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto: Turning Forward of Uranus: Final Resolution of Neptune

{During the apparent retrograde period each planet’s movement relative to the backdrop of the stars slows down, reverses and then turns back around forward again concentrating its vibration in a particular area. There are issues that each planet focuses on during the period leading up to its turn backwards.  These issues are addressed again to be reworked on during the retrograde period [in brackets] then a new understanding of these issues occurs during the post retrograde period.  These issues are not from Vibrational Astrology, this is an experiment based on interpretations of the Sabian Symbols that I wrote many years ago.  If an entry resonates with you, then claim it, if not, release it, it was for someone else.  I would very much like your feedback on this.}

  !!!Jupiter {Jan 12, 2019 [Apr 11 – !Jun 10! – Aug 11] Nov 5} 14 – 24 Sagittarius Jan. 27 – Feb. 2:  (17-18 Sag) Introductory:  Are you able to nurture the new awareness that is being born within and around you experiencing a welling up of joy within as this fragile awareness is protected from being exposed to too much light all at once, learning to stop overprotecting yourself and those around you so as not be able to see the whole picture of what is really going on manipulating and indulging in infantile play creating the potential for manipulation and abuse   Saturn {Jan 22, 2019 [Apr 29 – !Jul 9! – Sep 18] Dec 24} 13 – 20 Capricorn Jan. 23 – Feb. 1:  (14-15 Cap) Introductory:  Are you able to help yourself and others, especially children, who have been damaged and injured, to learn how to move into play and joy, learning to stop acting like you care about others when you really, don’t substituting things for genuine caring and love and immaturely pampering yourself without thinking about the needs of others   Uranus {Apr. 20 [Aug. 7 – Jan. 6, 2019] Apr. 23, 2019} 28 Aries – 2 Taurus Dec. 6, 2018 – Feb. 6, 2019:  (29-28 Ari) Turning Forward:  The Challenge is to experience the wonder of who you are as a part of all that is and humbly open to the love and affirmation of the divine, learning to stop blocking off awareness of your connection with everything around you that comes from operating out of personal insecurity and fear   Neptune {Feb. 6 [June 18 – Nov. 25] Mar. 15, 2019} 13 – 16 Pisces Dec. 27, 2018 – Feb. 3, 2019:  (14-15 Pis) Resolution:  Remember to rehearse and prepare for possible future difficulties and attacks being on your guard with a strong sense of your strength and authority while being relaxed at the same time, learning to prepare for possible future problems but not constantly worry about them, being fearful and overreacting and losing touch with the joy of life   Pluto {Jan 1, 2019 [Apr. 24 – !Jun 14! – Oct 2] Jan. 23, 2020} 20 – 23 Capricorn Jan. 12 – Feb. 12:  (21-22 Cap) Introductory:  Are you able to gracefully accept that you have been defeated in your attempts to reach your goal and learning the lessons of your experiences transforming setbacks into accomplishments, as you stop focusing on your losses and limitations accepting the worst as inevitable and surrendering when you could have prevailed or refusing to acknowledge any limitations or issues of your own and turning a minor defeat into a major disaster   Next Cycle:
Mercury {Feb 19, 2019 [Mar 5 – !Mar 14! – Mar 28] Apr 16} 16 – 29 Pisces
Venus {Apr 8, 2020 [May 13 – !Jun 3! – Jun 25] Jul 29, 2020} 5 – 21 Gemini Mars {Jul 25, 2020 [Sept 20 – !Oct 13! – Nov 13] Jan 3, 2021} 15 – 28 Aries   

All times are given in Eastern USA time zone. 

Linda Berry