The Vibrational Astrology Diary, Wednesday, July 17, 2019
by Linda Berry     
For the last 2 days and today, Wednesday (7/17/19), the strongest vibrational influence comes from Jupiter combined with Saturn and Uranus (1*).  This vibe is about tuning into your own sense of what needs to happen and being flexible and spontaneous in doing whatever seems to be your personal unique sense of what to do in each situation.  There is a sense here of expansion at a reasonable pace, so you may find that you get a greater sense of what your unique response in each given situation may be.  Today you have an opportunity to more effectively become aware of your orientation to things getting an opportunity to experiment with bringing your unique personal style into your interactions.  This is combined with a strong need to focus on things that have long term meaning and significance. And remember that everyone else may be doing the same thing, so be open to some unusual and unexpected experiences with others today.
The AstroFrequency(s) for the day (strongest listed first)
23 (14*) Focusing on one’s unique orientation to life and expressing that whatever the risks

The Dancing Two-Planet Diary
{When 2 planets interact it influences the way we want to express ourselves, our attitudes, moods, and impulses.  Becoming aware of these vibrations helps us to guide these aspects of ourselves with awareness rather than being controlled by them.  There are longer patterns which tend to have more impact because we feel them for several days in a row and there are quick Moon patterns that impact our moods and feelings for a window of couple of hours either side of the time given.  The longer patterns are stronger and so are listed first, followed by the Moods of the Moon}
Jul 17 - Jul 19 (exact Jul 18) Venus in Cancer is flowing freely (trine) with Neptune in Pisces. This vibe begins to be felt about 7 PM and then increases until it peaks at 2:03 PM on July 18. Here we are experiencing beautiful dreams that are so attractive and compelling that we may find ourselves caught up in the feeling of those dreams actually being real.  It is easy in this aspect to lose track of the process of working to make your dreams come true.
Jul 16 - Jul 18 (exact Jul 17) Venus in Cancer is opposing Saturn in Capricorn. This vibe peaks at 1:34 AM right after midnight and then decreased all day fading out on July 18. Your feelings of attachment to people and things are being tested under this vibration.  You are evaluating whether this person or object has any long term significance or meaning for you and if it doesn’t you may be inclined to let it go.
The Moods of the Moon
{Remember that the quick Moon patterns impact our moods and feelings for a window of a couple of hours either side of their peak time.}
At 5:19 AM the Moon enters Aquarius and becomes focused for the next 2 ½ days on participating in group processes.  We are all a part of many groups including our family, our friends, our community, our country and our world.  The Moon in Aquarius finds satisfaction in being a part of its groups and contributing to the functioning and well being of those groups. 
Starting at 5:38 AM, peaking at 7:38 AM, the Moon in Aquarius is opposing Mercury in Leo. This 4 hr period brings a need to reconcile the feelings and the thoughts and mental structures.  There is some potential dissonance between the two and they need to interact and find a balance that satisfies both the emotions and the mind.
Starting at 3:54 PM, peaking at 5:54 PM, the Moon in Aquarius is acting and agitating (square) with Uranus in Taurus. This 4 hr period brings a strong need to act independently as you feel like you need to act without regard to what other people think is appropriate and without regard for future consequences.  It is important for you to be tuned in during this time period and use your own internal sense of things to guide you as you are very resistant to the ideas of others.

Starting at 11:49 PM today, peaking at 1:49 AM after midnight, the Moon in Aquarius is opposing Mars in Leo. This 4 hr period is very energized and if this is your sleep period you may find yourself restless and energized and having trouble settling down to sleep.  If you can expend some of the excess energy in some kind of physical activity, you may then be able to settle down.  In general this is an important time to do physical things like play sports, exercise, go for a walk, anything that will release this energy constructively.
The Cyclic Patterns Diary
{These are patterns that continue over an extended period of time and you may find that rereading this periodically will help you effectively handle what we are all experiencing as our “astral weather” in this time period.}

July 16 was a Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse with the Sun in Cancer and the Moon in Capricorn.  This pattern will influence us until the next Eclipse cycle begins on December 26, 2019  This completes the current Eclipse period and will be felt until the next Eclipse cycle which begins on December 26, 2019. This eclipse shows a very intense need to focus on the emotional patterns in your relationships especially evaluating their long term significance. This next 5 month period is likely to be a time of evaluation and consideration of the meaning of your life and your actions and how you want the rest of your life to go.  The Sabian Symbol for the Sun is “A dark shadow or mantle thrown suddenly over the right shoulder”.  This points to you feeling something overshadowing you calling you to open up to a greater awareness and learn to assume responsibility for using that awareness wisely with humility.  The Moon Symbol is “An oriental rug dealer” which points to the importance of operating fairly and being real and genuine.  There is a warning here about feeling like you are entitled to special privilege and seeking to gain an advantage over others by misrepresenting yourself or your services.
July 2 was a New Moon Solar Eclipse with the Sun and Moon in Cancer. This start a new Eclipse Cycle that will influence us for about 5 months until the December 26, 2019 Solar Eclipse.  There is a internalized determination carried in this eclipse to work toward making your dreams a reality in your life and in the world.  This is about committed focused thought processes that continue to analyze what is happening and take the steps to bring about a better world for each of us to live in.  The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon Solar Eclipse is “A clown making grimaces”.  This is about stepping back and getting the objectivity that will enable you to move more effectively towards your dreams recognizing that sometimes the reactions of others to you come from their problems and issues rather than from your actions.  This is about acting from your true self rather than using a façade to cover up who you really are.
The Sun officially entered Cancer and Summer began on June 21.  This is the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year.  This seasonal pattern will be influencing us until the Fall Equinox on September 23.  The strong vibrations for this summer emphasize a sensitivity to the stories of those around us and a recognition of our responsibility for those in our communities who have more problems than we do.  The base Sabian Symbol for Summer is “A furled and unfurled flag displayed from a vessel” which shows that Summer is a time for seeing more clearly who you really are.  This can result in making a commitment to a new orientation or cause and giving up your old ways.  If you do not connect in with the deep core of yourself you may feel unstable and very moody.  The reaction we have to the challenges of this season is shown by the symbol “A big white dove, a message bearer”.  This is about learning to solve your issues by receiving gentle messages from outside or inside yourself as you are opening to the spirit and becoming more clearly connected into your core.  If you do not open up to these messages you may find yourself caught in a cycle of doubt and depression believing things will never improve.
The Retrograde Diary: Check out changes today:  DEGREE CHANGES: Mercury
Turning Backward of Uranus, Neptune: Reworking Patterns of Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto
{During the apparent retrograde period each planet’s movement relative to the backdrop of the stars slows down, reverses and then turns back around forward again concentrating its vibration in a particular area. There are issues that each planet focuses on during the period leading up to its turn backwards.  These issues are addressed again to be reworked on during the retrograde period [in brackets] then a new understanding of these issues occurs during the post retrograde period.  These issues are not from Vibrational Astrology, this is an experiment based on interpretations of the Sabian Symbols that I wrote many years ago.  If an entry resonates with you, then claim it, if not, release it, it was for someone else.  I would very much like your feedback on this.}
!!!Mercury Rx {Jun 20, 2019 [Jul 7 – !Jul 21! – Aug 1] Aug 15} 23 Cancer – 4 Leo
July 17 - 19:  (1-30 Leo) Reworking:  Working on being able to be overwhelmed with feelings that rush to your head being able to pull back and give yourself some space to evaluate, learning to stop being overwhelmed by your feelings bursting forth from you in an uninhibited response caused by an overinflated ego that goes into spasms because of its hyper-inflated status

Jupiter Rx {Jan 12, 2019 [Apr 10 – !Jun 11! – Aug 11] Nov 5} 14 - 24 Sagittarius
July 10 - 24:  (16-15 Sag) Reworking:  Working on being able to become aware of the give and take of life with you being responsible to act on your own behalf to meet your needs as you release what you no longer need to meet the needs of others, learning to stop getting caught up in a cycle of dependence where you perceive yourself as powerless and unable to meet your needs, feeling that you must be subservient to those who have what you need

Saturn Rx {Jan 22, 2019 [Apr 29 – !Jul 9! – Sep 18] Dec 24} 13 – 20 Capricorn
July 12 - 26:  (17-16 Cap) Reworking:  Working on being able to remove yourself from the control or power of others and covertly open yourself to greater contact with what is around you, learning to stop suppressing your natural instincts based on fear of the reactions of others

Uranus {Apr. 25, 2019 [Aug. 11 – !Oct 28! – Jan. 10, 2020] Apr. 26, 2020} 2 – 6  Taurus
July 3 - Sept. 20:  (6-7 Tau) Turning Back:  The Issue is to experience the love that recognizes your alienation and embraces it reaching across the abyss to affirm you, learning to stop staying focused and caught up in your separateness, alienation and loneliness

Neptune Rx {Mar. 1, 2019 [June 21 – Nov. 27] Mar. 17, 2020} 15 – 18 Pisces
Apr. 29 - Aug. 14:  (18-19 Pis) Turning Back:  The Issue is to participate in the transfer of higher knowledge and wisdom recognizing that the knowledge needs to be separated from the person who is providing it, learning to stop claiming superior status and privileges based on your position and dogmatically insisting on your superior achievements and authority

Pluto Rx {Jan 1, 2019 [Apr. 24 – !Jun 14! – Oct 2] Jan. 23, 2020} 20 – 23 Capricorn
July 10 - Aug. 24:  (22-21 Cap) Reworking:  Working on being able to gracefully accept that you have been defeated in your attempts to reach your goal and learning the lessons of your experiences transforming setbacks into accomplishments, as you stop focusing on your losses and limitations accepting the worst as inevitable and surrendering when you could have prevailed or refusing to acknowledge any limitations or issues of your own and turning a minor defeat into a major disaster
Next Cycle:
Mercury {Oct 12, 2019 [Oct 31 – !Nov 11! – Nov 20] Dec 7} 11 – 27 Scorpio

Venus {Apr 8, 2020 [May 13 – !Jun 3! – Jun 25] Jul 29, 2020} 5 – 21 Gemini
Mars {Jul 25, 2020 [Sept 20 – !Oct 13! – Nov 13] Jan 3, 2021} 15 – 28 Aries
Saturn {Feb 3, 2020 [May 11 – !Jul 20! – Sep 18] Jan 3, 2021} 25 Capricorn – 1 Aquarius
Uranus {Apr. 28, 2020 [Aug 15 – !Oct 31! – Jan 14, 2021] May 1, 2021} 6 – 10 Taurus
Neptune {Mar. 2, 2020 [June 22 – !Sep 11! – Nov. 28] Mar. 19, 2020} 15 – 18 Pisces
Pluto {Jan 4, 2020 [Apr. 25 – !Jul 15! – Oct 4] Jan. 25, 2021} 22 – 24 Capricorn
All times are given in Eastern USA time zone.
Linda Berry

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